Data forms the foundation of our workspace, and Business Intelligence provides users with the power to deal with data in a more systematic and effective way. With the right business insights, organizations can develop strong data-driven operational efficiencies and insights-driven strategic advantages.

In the beginning, only the specialists in the data analytics team were able to make use of Business Intelligence tools and solutions. But over the years, the access and usage of Business Intelligence tools have extended. With the modern business intelligence solution, every stakeholder of data now has access to insights. However, their needs and expectations from business intelligence solutions differ vastly.

Here is a look at the top 4 users of Business Intelligence in every company and what they seek out of your business intelligence solution:

The Data Analyst

Data analysts deal with the collection and processing of data. A data analyst’s job entails studying trends with respect to the organization. It also includes performing calculations, analyzing statistics, designing and fixing any issues with respect to data. However, BI can be a real saver for a data analyst. BI tools and software can help organize, filter and sort out data. All of this is what a data analyst already does. But with BI, you achieve accuracy. Also, thanks to BI, you don’t have to compromise on time and productivity.

The Executive

The executive is at a seat of authority. The job of an executive includes strategizing and planning policies that work in favor of the organization. Moreover, an executive also oversees the functions of all the employees, as well as the competitors in the market. In short, the decision-making process for the executive is made easy with the help of BI tools and software.

The Business User

Business users are usually managers who help in making the various departments of an office more efficient. But. this is possible only with a clear view of the profit and pitfalls that each department is responsible for. Using a BI tool or software, business users can work with data, and make dashboards that segregate and analyze all the necessary information.

The IT Team

The IT team is involved in a plethora of activities. From dealing with technological glitches to providing foolproof security, the IT team caters to the technological needs of the company. Consequently, BI software and tools provide the IT team with valuable insights and analytics that increase the productivity of the team and in turn, the company.

Business Intelligence has come a long way. Data is the crux of any organization. To sum up, having the right tools and using them to oversee and deal with data is critical to business growth and sustainability.

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