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How BI & Analytics Aids in Employee Training

Organizations require business insights for informed decision-making across all business functions. Employee Training and Corporate Learning is no different. Training programs are vital to skill development, product training, employee onboarding, and more. Performance measurement of these programs is often carried out using spreadsheets, feedback forms and forms of third party data visualizations. Insights from these, […]

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Contact Centers plus Business Intelligence – The Formula for Success

Organizations operating across verticals have experienced a data overload over the last few years and contact centers are no different. Also known as e-contact centers or customer interaction centers, they work as an omnichannel customer center that offers voice over IP (VoIP), chat, email, and web support. Contact centers are the locus of customer data. […]

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How to Drive Business Success with an Effective Customer Communications Management Solution

Your business success is determined by the customer experience you offer. Seventy percent of the customer’s journey is dictated by how the customer feels they are being treated, says a McKinsey report. Poor experience leads to a loss of business with the customer journey ending before your enterprise has capitalized on it fully. Mike Burkland, […]

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How BI helps enhance your Business Performance

Two-and-a-half quintillion bytes of data is generated every single day. Individuals and businesses are constantly consuming, cleansing, and transforming data to make raw data more useful and meaningful. 73% percent of customers use data to generate more operative purchases that produce the most cost-effective outcomes. Google and Amazon customer reviews, for instance, dictate a consumer’s […]