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Amit Soni is the Chief Technology Officer at Netlink. A seasoned management and technology professional, he has over 19 years of experience in enterprise architecture, business analytics, IT service delivery management, systems integration and product development. A strong proponent of automation and thought leadership, Amit drives conversations of innovation and business transformation within and outside the organization.

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Analyzing Multi-Channel Data

We were delighted to recently kick off the Lumenore webinar series and honored that Donald Farmer, principal with TreeHive Strategy, agreed to be our expert guest presenter. Donald has more than 30 years of experience developing industry-leading, innovative data and analytics systems for companies such as Microsoft and Qlik and is globally recognized as a […]

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4 Types of Business Intelligence Users in Every Company (and what they need out of BI)

Data forms the foundation our workspace, and Business Intelligence provides users with the power to deal with data in a more systematic and effective way. With the right business insights, organizations can develop strong data-driven operational efficiencies and insights-driven strategic advantages. At the beginning, only the specialists in the data analytics team were able to […]

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Redefining Business Intelligence in the Face of Modern Business Challenges

Organizations need business insights for informed decision-making. Data-driven operational efficiencies and insights-driven strategic advantages create sustainability and growth for businesses. The massive increase in data used in business and enterprise functions, such as Customer Care, Finance, Procurement, HR, etc., across industries has driven organizations to leverage solutions form such data. But information comes in different forms—spreadsheets, third party data […]